1 to 1 Baby Massage Classes

I can run various 1 to 1 classes in the comfort of your home including: 

Newborn Nurture 

For new parents and babies from birth to 6 weeks old. These sessions offer guidance and advice to help you and your baby during the fourth trimester together. You will learn how to soothe and calm your baby, help with how to hold your baby to settle and soothe them and some small massage and yoga to help with any tummy discomfort and helping to relax and bond with your new baby. 

Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

Depending on if your baby has any discomforts that you would like to try and help ease with massage or if you would like to help relax your baby to help with restful sleep. I can create your own massage and yoga routine to help ease, calm and relax your baby. 

These sessions are ideal for babies from 6 weeks old until they are crawling. 

Tummy Time 

As a trained tummy time practitioner I have lots of ways of making tummy time fun for babies helping to encourage more time on their tummies that they enjoy. 

1 to 1 sessions start from £50. 


If you would like more information or would like to book a 1 to 1 please contact me on 07834 768 090 or calmingtouchbabymassage@hotmail.com